Internationally funded projects

  Projects funded by the EU Framework Programmes

2012 - 2016 PERSEUS, FP7 - Policy - oriented marine Environmental Research in the Southern EUropean Seas/ Научно - изследователски подходи в подкрепа на политиките за околната среда на Южно - Европейските морета, Grant agreement 287600 FP7, координатор за ИО-БАН проф. Снежана Мончева


2012 - 2016 DEVOTES, FP7 - DEVelopment Of innovative Tools for understanding marine бiodiversity and assessing good Environmental Status/ Разработване на иновативни подходи за изследване на биоразнообразието и оценка на добро състояние на морската околна среда, Grant agreement 308392 FP7, координатор за ИО-БАН проф. Снежана Мончева

  The project 'Marine litter transnational legislation enhancement and improvement' is implemented by eight partners from Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Greece. The aim of MELTEMI is to refine the legal framework and increase the capacity of public authorities, stakeholders and society to reduce solid waste pollution in the marine environment. Координатор за ИО-БАН доц. д-р Виолин Райков Read more

2013 - 2015 IRIS - SES, FP7 - Integrated Regional monitoring Implementation Strategy in the South European Seas/ Регионална Стратегия за Интегриран мониторинг на Южно-Европейските морета Grant agreement 07.0335/ 659540 / SUB / C FP7, координатор за ИО-БАН проф. Снежана Мончева



Towards COast to COast NETworks of marine protected areas (from the shore to the high and deep sea), coupled with sea-based wind energy potential (CoCoNET)

As a part of the outreach program, we have produced a 30-min documentary film on CoCoNet, directed by Roberto Rinaldi. It features Marine Protected Areas, ecosystem functioning, and offshore wind farms, with beautiful and colorful footages of both the Mediterranean and Black Sea. Please take a look and show it for various outreach and dissemination activities.

CoCoNet Documentary Film on CoCoNet Website:

CoCoNet Documentary Film on YouTube:


2013 - 2016 EU RISC - KIT, FP7 - Resilience - Increasing Strategies for Coasts – toolKIT/Стратегии за повишаване на устойчивостта на бреговете - набор от инструменти, Grant agreement No 603458, координатор за ИО-БАН доц. д-р Николай Вълчев


2012 - 2014 MISIS - MSFD, FP7 - Guiding Improvements in the Black Sea Integrated Monitoring System/ Оптимизиране на системата за Интегриран Мониторинг на Черно море в съответствие с Рамковата Директива за Морска стратегия, Grant agreement 07.020400/2012/616044/SUB/D2 FP7, координатор за ИО-БАН проф. Снежана Мончева


2010 - 2013 ODEMM, FP7 - Options for Delivering Ecosystem-Based Marine Management/ Възможности за прилагане на екосистемен подход за управление на морски екоситеми, Grant agreement 244273 7FP, координатор за ИО-БАН проф. Снежана Мончева


2009 - 2013, THESEUS, FP7 - 2009-1, Innovative technology for safer European coasts in changing climate/ Иновационни технологии за по-сигурни европейски брегове в условията на променящия се климат, Grant agreement No 244104, координатор за ИО-БАН доц. д-р Стоян Керемeдчиев


2009 - 2012 WISER, FP7 - Water bodies in Europe: Integrative Systems to assess Ecological status and Recovery Водни тела в Европа/Интегрирана система за оценка на екологическото състояние и възстановяване на екосистемите, Grant agreement 226273 FP7, координатор за ИО-БАН проф. Снежана Мончева


2009 - 2012 UP_GRADE BS SCENE - UP-GRADE, FP7 - Black Sea Scientific Network /Разширена научна мрежа за Черно море, Grant agreement 226592 FP7, координатор за ИО-БАН проф. Снежана Мончева


2009 - 2013, KnowSeas, FP7 - Knowledge - based Sustainable Management for Europe's Seas/ Научно обосновано устойчиво управление на европейските морета, Grant agreement 226675, координатор за ИО-БАН доц. д-р Валентина Тодорова


2009 - 2013, MESMA, FP7 - Monitoring and Evaluation of Spatially Managed Areas/ Мониторинг и оценка на пространствено управлявани райони, Grant agreement 226661, координатор за ИО-БАН доц. д-р Валентина Тодорова


2008 - 2011 MICORE, FP7 - 2007-1 Morphological Impacts and Coastal Risks Induced by Extreme storm events/ Морфоложко въздействие и брегови риск, предизвикани от екстремни щормови събития, Grant agreement No 202798, координатор за ИО-БАН проф. Здравко Белберов


2009 - 2011, RIFI, FP7 - INFRASTRUCTURES-2008-1, Research Infrastructures: Foresight and Impact/ Изследователска инфраструктура: визия и въздействие. Grant agreement № 228293, координатор за ИО-БАН проф. д-рАтанас Палазов



European Sea Floor Observatory Network (7FP).

  Projects funded under operational programs and cross-border cooperation


(Industrial Symbiosis Network for Environment Protection and Sustainable Development in Black Sea Basin), funded with the support of the European Union under the Joint Operational Programme "Black Sea Basin 2007- 2013"


MAREAS 2012 - 2014

Black Sea Joint Regional Research Centre for Mitigation and Adaptation to the Global Changes Impact.


     SPLASHCOS 2010 - 2013

     Submerged Prehistoric Archaeology and      Landscapes of the Continental Shelf



Set-up and implementation of key core components of a regional early-warning system for marine geohazards of risk to the Romanian-Bulgarian Black Sea coastal area.


SRCSSMBSF 2011 - 2013

Strengthening the regional capacity to support the sustainable management of the Black Sea Fisheries (SRCSSMBSF)

  Projects funded under 6 and 5 EU Framework Programmes


- A Supporting Program for Capacity Building in the Black Sea Region towards Operational Status of Oceanographic Services (6FP)



Development of an Indicative Ecologically Coherent Network of Sub-tidal Marine Protected Areas in Bulgaria and Romania.



European Lifestyles and Marine Ecosystems.



Southern European Seas: Assessing and Modelling  Ecosystem changes.



Minimum Social Standards across Europe.



Black Sea Scientific Network - № 022868 , MARIS, The Netehrlands



Science and Policy Integration for Coastal Ecosystem  assessment - No 036992, IFREMER, France



Black Sea - Mediterranean Corridor during last 30 ky: Sea level change and  human      adaptation (IGCP – 521 UNESCO).



Scientific and Institutional Capacity Building for Implementing European Marine Policy in the Black Sea Region.




Pan European Network for Ocean & Marine Data and Information Management.



European Coastal and Regional Seas Operational Observing and Forecasting Systems (6FP)



- Centre for Sustainable Development and Management of the Black Sea region (5FP)



- A Regional Capacity Building and Networking Programme to Upgrade Monitoring and Forecasting Activity in the Black Sea (5FP)