Scientific departments

  Marine Physics:
  • Measurements and analysis of the main hydrophysical parameters of sea water and meteorological components of the adjacent atmosphere;
  • Experimental study on dynamics of sea currents and turbulent diffusion  and exchange under the conditions of the Bulgarian shelf zone;
  • Develops methods for digital diagnosis and prediction of sea currents and processes of dynamical distribution and spreading of suspended matter in marine environment in the Black Sea and other regions of the World Ocean.

      Marine Chemistry:
  • Monitoring on the main chemical parameters as main ions, dissolved gases, biogenic elements in the western part of the Black Sea and coastal lakes; 
  • Study of the features of the vertical hydro-chemical structure of the Black Sea including the zone of change in oxidizing – reduction conditions;
  • Anthropogenic impact on the quality of the coastal waters and sediments;
  • Studies processes in the marine environment and contact zones “air – water” and water – sediments”;  
  • Studies the relations in the system river- sea;
  • Assists in introducing the European framework directive for waters  2000/ĹŃ/60 in Bulgaria ( defines referent conditions according to physico-chemical elements for quality and classification of waters).
      Marine Biology and Ecology:
  • Study the taxonomic and functional biodiversity of the Black Sea and the  food chain interactions
  • Investigate the response of biota to external forcing - anthropogenic pressure and global climatic impact  
  • Develop guidelines for monitoring and laboratory analysis of Black Sea flora and fauna and ecological quality classification standards for biological quality elements sensu Water Framework Directive 2000/EC/60 and its implementation in Bulgaria
  • Conduct ecological quality and commercially important fish stock assessment studies along the Bulgarian coast
  • Formulate the scientific bases for sustainable development of the Black Sea ecosystem and its biological resources.
    Provide education and consultancy services
      Coastal Zone Dynamics:
  • Studies wind-wave climate and wave transformation in shallow water; wind-wave structure and non-linear relations; sea level fluctuations; coastal morpho- and lythodynamic processes; sediment balance; geodynamic coastal processes.  
  • Assessment of the impact of the hydrotechnical structures on the coastal dynamics; studies sediment transport and deformation of the underwater coastal slope; modelling of coastal dynamic processes.
      Marine Geology and Archeology:
  • Studies on structure and composition of the Black Sea sediment complex and stages in its development; recent geological processes; geocatastrophic phenomena;  
  • Investigations on alternative energy resources; geophysical fields;   
  • Preservation of cultural and historic heritage. 
      Ocean Technologies
  • Studies on processes and phenomena in the system ”man – technical devices – marine environment”;
  • Develops, introduces and maintains research tools and methods for marine investigations;
  • Provision of technical and technological support for the research activities of the Institute;
  • Collects, processes, quality controls, archives and keeps various oceanographic data.
  • In 2004 National Centre for Oceanographic Data was established in the Institute. It is included in the international system for data exchange IODE of IOC.