Институт по океанология "Фритьоф Нансен"

Coastal Zone Dynamics Department

The research team explores the coastal zone and offshore waters by implementing modern methods and technologies for monitoring and research applying innovative research tools and infrastructures, which contributes to the assessment and management of the coastal risk and sustainable use of marine non-biological resources. Studies are being carried out in the following areas: coastal hydrodynamics (waves, wave currents, sea level fluctuations), climate and energy potential of sea waves, lithodynamics and morphodynamics of the coastal zone and the shelf water area, geomorphology of the coastal zone and the shelf water area, bottom substrate and physical habitat mapping, risk assessment and management. The achievements are beneficial for the national economy (maritime transport, hydro-technical construction, tourism, fisheries and aquaculture, planning of marine areas, etc.).

Head of the Department
Prof. Lyubomir Dimitrov

Assoc. Prof. Nikolay Nikolaev Valchev

Chief Asst. Nataliya Kamenova Andreeva, PhD


Curriculum Vitae

Chief Asst. Bogdan Kirilov Prodanov, PhD


Curriculum Vitae

Petya Trendafilova Eftimova, oceanographer, geophysicist

Todor Hristov Lambrev, engineer, full-time doctoral student

Elena Veselinova Borisova, enguineer, database programmer

Diana Georgieva Hristova, technician

Dimitrichka Kirilova Ribarova, technician

Petranka Petrova Zlateva, data entry operator