Институт по океанология "Фритьоф Нансен"

Scientific equipment for field research

Acoustic devices for registration of currents and surface sea waves

  • Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) Workhorse & Sentinel 600 kHz, manufactured by Teledyne RD Instruments, USA
  • Acoustic Doppler Profiler (ADP) SonTek ADP 1MHz, manufactured by SonTek/YSI A Xylem brand, USA

ADCP Workhorse Sentinel 600kHz mounted on a bottom frame Sea Spider

SonTek ADP 1MHz mounted on a bottom frame

Purpose of device

In one of the possible operating modes, the device is mounted on a bottom frame, which is deployed on the seabed at a pre-selected for the purposes of the study place in shallow, transitional or deep water.

  • In the above-mentioned operating mode, the device makes it possible to measure surface sea waves and currents at equal intervals (cells) along the entire water column.
  • When recording the sea wave, the device measures the changes in the pressure at the water surface and the wave orbital velocities immediately below the sea surface.
  • Sound waves are used to measure the propagation of currents along the entire water column, and taking into account the Doppler effect at their reflection by the water particles, the device determines the velocity of water movement within preset depth intervals.


Technical specificationsADCP Workhorse Sentinel 600kHzSonTek ADP 1MHz
Operating mode

– Self-contained

– Direct data transmission

– Self-contained

– Direct data transmission
Autonomy under waterup to 3 monthsup to 1.5 months
Operating depth2 m – 50 m1.3 m – 40 m

– pressure sensor
– 3 acoustic transducers
– temperature sensor
– internal compass
– gyroscope

– pressure sensor
– 3 acoustic transducers
– temperature sensor
– internal compass
– gyroscope
Measurement accuracy

water velocity:
accuracy: ±0.3 sm/s
resolution: 0.1 sm/s
range: ±0.1 sm/s – ±20 m/s

number of cells: 1 – 255

cell size:
range: 0.25 m – 8 m

accuracy: ±0.4°C
resolution: 0.01°C
range: -5° to 45°C

accuracy: ±2°5
resolution: 0.01°

accuracy: ±0.5°
resolution: ±0.01°
range: ±15°

water velocity: ±0.1 sm/s

number of cells: 1 – 100

cell size:
range: 0.4 m – 5 m

accuracy: ±0.2°C

accuracy: ±1-2°
range: ±50°

Measured parameters

The program for processing of the registered data provides information about the change in the following parameters:

Sea wave:

  • significant wave height [m]
  • period of the peak of the spectrum [s]
  • wave direction according to the average period [degrees]
  • wave directional propagation [degrees]


  • horizontal and vertical current velocities of each cell [cm / s]
  • absolute current velocity of each cell [cm / s]
  • direction of currents of each cell [degrees]